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If your lease is up and you’re ready to move out, make sure your place is spotless before the last inspection. If the property is not clean, your landlord or property manager will most likely keep your security deposit or bond money. You should engage experienced bond cleaners like us to protect your bond. We make certain that your leased property is immaculately maintained. Our REIVIC-approved cleaning checklist is carried out by our skilled and experienced cleaners to ensure you receive the best service at the greatest price. Give us a call now for a free rental bond cleaning in Geelong! Our cleaners use ecologically friendly cleaning materials to dust, wash, mop, scrape, and sanitize the entire property, both inside and out. We clean every room on your property from top to bottom, left to right, and so on. We will do everything we can to provide you peace of mind, from clearing cobwebs to targeting hard-to-reach locations. Hire our highly-trained cleaners for Rental bond cleaning in Geelong if you want to protect your bond money and move out of your leased property without a hitch. Are you planning to vacate your home? Are you looking for a rental bond cleaning Geelong service? Have you spent hours scouring and cleaning the property but aren’t satisfied with the results? Will you be able to get your bond money back in full? We offer the following services:

Our bond cancellation guarantee:

Your rental Bond Cleaning Geelong / End of Lease Cleaning Geelong service comes with a 7-day guarantee. Customers are entitled to a free re-clean of their property if it has not been cleaned to their landlord’s or agent’s satisfaction. Our terms and conditions contain all of the pertinent information.

Price matching:

We have a policy of matching any genuine price for a like-for-like service. Furthermore, we will cut our quote by an additional 10%. What a fantastic deal!

REE oven, window, and blind cleaning:

With every full bond clean, we provide a free standard oven clean. The average cost of an oven clean is around $100. We also provide free accessible outdoor window washing as well as free blind spot cleaning. Rental bond Cleaning Geelong provides its customers with security and trust, which are important factors to consider when hiring someone to clean your house or workplace. When life’s commitments are present, the stress of moving can be very overpowering. During the relocation process, Tyka Cleaning End of Lease Cleaning Geelong will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on more important matters.

Why should you use us to clean your Geelong bond?

Our end-of-lease cleaners utilize the most up-to-date technology to clean your flat faster and more thoroughly than our competitors. We are dedicated to offering Rental bond cleaning Geelong services that are not only up to our high standards, but also satisfy your specific requirements. Landlords, managers, and real estate brokers require a certain level of end-of-lease cleaning in Geelong. So you always know what you’re getting when it comes to giving the greatest clean for your complete property. Please visit for more information.

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